Summer landscape in mountains with Flowe

"The medicinal herbal infusions have been very helpful.  

I drink hawthorn infusions, which keeps my blood pressure normal. The Linden, kept the germs at bay this cold season.  

There are many herbs that have medicinal properties, and they are effective. I encourage everyone to meet with Jodi to discover what herbs could be beneficial in your life." Jodi is well versed in this area.

I think people have to try them to become a believer. That's the first step.

 ~Kelli Pollak

I’m grateful to Jodi Del Ponte from Mend ones ways for the time and research she did for me. At the age of 35 my primary care physician informed me that blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication were going to be a part of my life forever. I asked if losing weight or exercising more would help and he said no that these are the genetic cards I was dealt. I took action and called Jodi for assistance. Jodi’s plan came in the form of drinking organic herbal infusions. After carefully monitoring my progress I have since stopped taking the manufactured pills from my pharmacy. This makes me feel much better about myself & even saves money.  Thank you Jodi.

~Frank Propati

“Jodi has been an inspiration to me for many years. With her knowledge and her passion for using plants for healing,  I have learned a lot from her and have changed the way I care for myself when I am feeling under the weather or have other ailments. I have been using the Simpler products from Mend Ones Ways for a while now.  My two favorites are the lemon balm and dandelion infused oil. I use them every day. They help me when I need to fall asleep and when I need a pick me up during the day. The idea of only have 2 ingredients (and ingredients that I can pronounce)in a product is refreshing. Kudos to Jodi for developing such an amazing all natural and simple products.” ~ Jennifer Davis