Mend Ones Ways to Sovereignty

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

When I was a young girl before I started school I made and sold mud pies. However, I didn’t sell one at all. I was the only one eating them. Until one day I changed my direction and started to sell Kool-Aid. I set up my Kool-Aid stand around 3 0’clock when the kids got out of school. Instantly, I got customers. At that very moment, I lost my sovereignty. I began to care more about what everybody thought. Instead of honoring my intuitive earth connected Self. Now, 45 years later I am desiring to sell mud pies again... 

I was steadfast about not joining social media. At the beginning of this year I launched my first website. I started off without social media. Honoring my beliefs that you did not need social media to be successful in this World. After a few months of my site being live and no one was looking at it. I fell into the belief system and I joined social media. Immediately, I felt like I was selling Kool-Aid again. I was going against my beliefs. I decided on instagram. I love taking photos and it seemed to be the best option. I thought instagram was instant art, a photograph only. Most Instagramers post a photo and a whole lot of words. It consumes a lot of your time. Not mention, all the time it takes to get that superb photo so your followers will give you a like. The social media goal seems to be about attaining followers. Frankly, I have a problem with this word followers. I find followers to be an interesting word choice. I would prefer to have leaders than followers out there in the World. The definition of a follower is to come after, to keep ones attention and to obey. Those words don’t sit well with me. I am not a follower. I prefer being a leader. I would rather encourage others to be leaders too.

Lead by example!

 Nature fulfills me not social media. Discovering that I’m giving more attention to a flat screen than being with nature does not fulfill me. I find social media feeding my ego than feeding my true self. Now, while I’m out in nature, I’m distracted. I have my handheld device with me anticipating a photo to win one more like. So far, I have not gain one client by using social media. My preference would be to gain clients through word of mouth communication. An oral traditions. The ancient ways are more my style. I wonder if Mother Teresa, Gandhi or Van Gough would of joined social media or they would have simply followed their hearts and passion. Mud pies or Kool-Aid?

My intentions for my website was to be of service.

Lending an ear to awareness…

I don’t like selling Kool-Aid because of the artificial ingredients. I'd rather sell mud. It’s wholesome and it comes from Mother Earth. I took off instagram on my website. I’m going to rely on faith rather than numbers. I decided to return to my mud pie path. Honoring my connection to Mother Earth. Taking back my sovereignty! Returning to my true Self….

How do you stay true to yourself without giving into social pressures? Do you have sovereignty in your life? How do you connect to Mother Earth? 

Mending ones ways…Acquiring daily practices like laying on the Earth, writing down 3 things you are grateful for and drinking nourishing herbal infusions. I feel the connection to Mother Earth and my true Self. 

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