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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

When I was a child My sister, Brother and I made up a game call “Queen & King.”

My sister was the Queen, My brother was the King and I was the servant. I did not desire to be the Queen or try to overthrow the hierarchy. I knew the importance of my role of being a servant. It gave me purpose. I provided a service of nourishment. I supported their bare essential needs. In exchange I was provided a roof over head and plenty to eat. Our roles were respected as an equal opportunity for us all. 

My sister was the Queen of the World. She would spin our World globe with her finger claiming ownership/Land on her continents. Spreading her wealth she gifted the King a few Continents and to her Servant, a few Islands. I prepared meals for the Queen and King in my play cast iron wood stove. Which was simply grapes and crackers from our frIg. but in my mind they were elaborate feasts. I carried there handmade robes off the ground as they pranced around the backyard showing their status. I liked the way it felt to be of Service.

What is my Niche?

This year, I started a Coaching Certificate program and the Goal is to be a Coach. What kind of Coach? There's so many kinds of Coaches today! I needed to figure out my Niche  to get clients. How will I promote myself without a Niche? I kept hearing, I won’t get clients unless I have a niche or use technology;) social media, a pod cast, Zoom or even a website! A platform to gain business. I tried on different hats of Niches and went down the path of social media. I didn’t like the way social media made me feel and I wasn't accustomed to wearing one hat. The whole process slowed me down to my self promotion. Resisting the goal. How can I be successful if I didn’t know my Niche? And I didn't want to get sucked into a World of Technology for my services.

Why did a Niche matter?

Niche’s seem to limit my potential to my broader view of my vision, to support ALL!

Although, I was curious...there had to be some truth to this theory.?!..

I was guided to...

The niche concept; A species' niche is its ecological role or "way of life," which is defined by the full set of conditions, resources, and interactions it needs (or can make use of) khanacademy.org

For a species to maintain its population, its individuals must survive and reproduce. Certain combinations of environmental conditions are necessary for individuals of each species to tolerate the physical environment, obtain energy and nutrients, and avoid predators. The total requirements of a species for all resources and physical conditions determine where it can live and how abundant it can be at any one place within its range. These requirements are termed abstractly the ecological niche.

A useful extension of the niche concept is the distinction between fundamental and realized niches (Figure 9g-1). The fundamental niche of a species includes the total range of environmental conditions that are suitable for existence without the influence of interspecific competition or predation from other species. The realized niche describes that part of the fundamental niche actually occupied by the species.


The search was insightful. Leading me closer to my Niche. It was all beginning to make sense. The concept of “way of life” how Nature coexists in a environment depending on their interactions of their Roles/Niches can determine an ecosystem to a thriving community. Like a grizzly bear would not survive in tropics nor would an elephant survive in Colorado. 

I'm human, how does the work? 

Knowing the best variable of elemental factors soil and climate "where you live". Along with how the interactions of resources of each person roles/niche is needed or made use of to perform within society. A "way of life" that supports a full set of conditions that supports of all types of personalities. Too much, not enough or the same resources lead to insufficient amounts of resources. Causing competition or predation, endangering the community to extinction. 

When we make use of our fundamental Niche/resources in relationships with the environment and interaction of others fundamental niches/resources needs, we create an equal opportunity ecosystem.


Spiraled back to my past role as a servant in our childhood game "Queens & Kings" I am still a servant. However this time, I am servant to the Great Mother Earth, my Queen. 

Her wisdom is not spoken through language, it's sensed by her actions, she swirls with  limitless possibility. She keeps me AWARE. Her scenery is miraculous different. Her support is endless. She continues to offer me nourishment from her valuable resources. Providing me with shelter, food, unconditional love and Celebration.

The bare essential of Life!

She is my Mentor. 

How do you get clients when you serve the "Mother."

I support you!!!

Coaching the IMPORTANCE to Connect with Nature.

Unplugging your devices & plug into the BEST device you have, YOU! 

Hands free, You are AMAZING!!!


Go outside WITHOUT your DEVICES...


It's FREE internet access, available 24/7

Does not cost you a thing!

No memberships, no late fees or passwords required.



Mending ones ways…Acquiring daily practices like spending more time outside w/o your devices connecting to a bigger Source. Taking time to have a conversation with old or new friend then a sending a text or post and drinking Nourishing herbal infusions. I feel more JOY!!


Erik Barker https://www.bakadesuyo.com/2017/03/how-to-stop-checking-your-phone/

What is a Ecological Niche https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSMz2Xs73oI&t=64s

Susun Weed/Nourishing Herbal Infusions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez9SIpppNWE


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