Mend Ones Ways to Love

Looking for Love in people, places and things...

Chutes and Ladders comes to mind. A childhood game dating back to 2nd Century AD. An ancient India game known as Moksha Patamu. Historic versions represented ones life’s journey complicated with virtues and vices. A simple yet complex game. 

The game board is a grid with squares numbered 0-100. You start the game on square zero. As many players are desired, action of the players is independent from the actions of other players.

A roll of the dice determines six options of fate. Reasoning of choices to be intuitive or unintuitive. The chutes represent a vice and the ladder a virtue. The numbered spaces in between are places to absorb or transition. To win you must land exacting on square one hundred. Otherwise, you have to stay where you are at.

100 being spiritual liberation.

  No money back guarantee to Self advance.


Seeking love outside my Self...I've found love in grief, angry, jealousy, money and pride. Through things like houses, vacations, glamour, and money. Most important desiring validation from people. Each time I feel these thoughts or emotions, I am taken down a chute… Landing on the blank numbered squares I'm stuck in my excuses in fear of taking the next step. Not starting or finishing. Choosing a non ladder way of dealing with life’s ups & downs. At any given square I can observe the sequences of chance experiences. All of the past outcomes could influence the prediction of the next experience. Chance can be the knowledge of previous outcomes to influence the future. 

Moving to a new place, buying a dream home, getting married, having a six-figure career, traveling the World or having a family will I find love. 

Is it Luck?


Solely up to me, how I play the game…

I’ve climbed Ladders of pride to find a chute of emptiness. I slid down a chute of anger to find a ladder of forgiveness. Climbing up the ladder of unintuitive moves a longer chute of intuitiveness. Chutes are opportunities to rise above the challenges. The ancient India game was designed with more chutes than ladders.

Challenges will exist!

Ladders are times to celebration the chute of awareness. Numbered spaces in between are opportunities to choose standing still or move. Given fixed probabilities or choosing to roll the dice to advance to the next square and play the probability.

Seeking love from inside my Self is a game changer. I’m playing by surrendering to the prediction of previous outcomes of past experiences by valuing people, places and things as ALL new experiences. Finding love through reason, acceptance, and willingness to let go…

I no longer need to seek Love outside my Self.

I am Love.

To be gifted a ladder or chute of choice!

Mending ones ways…Acquiring daily practices of awareness by valuing my thoughts & feelings by taking a chance on a new outcome. Writing down 3 gratitude statements. Dancing and drinking nourishing herbal infusions, I feel Love. Are you seeking love outside yourSelf? Do you blame others or take responsibility? Are looking for love in people, places and things? Need assistance? Book one of my listening services or a Herbal Reading. Come to a women’s gathering. Heal with herbal medicine. 


Dr. David Hawkins M.D., PH.d "Letting Go"

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