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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I always imaged for my 50th Birthday of taking a Solo journey to mythical Isles of England.

Half a century felt like a mile stone, rite of passage, a big accomplishment.

A time to Celebrate!

Dream the impossible….

Dreams are like stories. There’s a beginning the idea, a middle representing a call to adventure mixed with a BUT and an ending, the shared treasure. For me, the middle part of the story, the BUT is most challenging. Staying true to the follow through with all acts, 1-2-3.  

My dreams begin with a desire. I visualizing how the scenery will look. Imaging how I will feel. The dream process evokes excitement. An Auspiciousness… I explore options. Then, dream some more. Take steps to planning my direction. Invest in my dream by taking action. I buy the plane ticket, make hotel reservation and schedule tours.

I Book it!

It’s only a dream?!?…

Weeks away from departure. The anticipation impairs my instincts to the call of adventure. The BUT arrives... The unfamiliar uncertainty entices my familiarity to certainty. I hit the default button of fear. I begin to diminish the desires. My doubts start taking over the excitement. I manifest ways out. My thoughts play a dueling game of reasoning, stay or go???

I search for a rational excuse to quit!

Will I pack accordingly?

I grab my suitcase and pack it full of excitement, patience, trust, perseverance and a sense of humor. Outfits of reassurance.

“You ONLY turn 50 once”!

I board my flight and take off for my Solo Journey to England. Exhausted from my perseverance, I doze off landing in my dream. Arriving at my destination. My beatific imagination, is NOW a Reality!

An awakening view....

It was more than I imaged.  I visited historical ancient site, walk stone circles, anointed myself with healing waters from holy wells, walked on the paths of pilgrims, saints and royalty, sat in a tomb where Shamans were buried. I wandered through the Forests, along rivers and amongst majestic gardens. Listened to the birds sing and watched horses and ponies roam free. Riding the train from destination to destination was empowering. The spontaneity was liberating. I read a entire book. I met kindred spirits, I will never forget! The hospitality was generous. Accommodations were exquisite and the food was delicious. The scenery was magnificent.

A Miraculous Birthday Celebration!

A dream come true.

Do you have a dream? Are you seeking Adventure? How do you achieve your goals? Are you following all 3 acts to complete the story? Or do you create fantasies with no ending. Create new stories! Get support to follow your dreams to reality. 

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