Mend Ones Ways, Letting Go...

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Holding on tight not letting go is what I’ve known.

Most of my life, I’ve hoarded my emotions through addictions to stories, relationship, material goods, substances and fantasies. Using them to feel better. Buying a new outfit, meeting someone new or using a substance to alter my mood. I blamed myself, family, marriage, in-laws, friends, and life. It’s seem easier than taking the responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions. Whenever, I wasn’t feeling whole I could reach out for one of these precious allies. Yes, precious! For they are my teachers, guides and helpers. Without them I would not know what I know now.

Life challenges have given me the opportunity to practice letting go. Holding on tight attracts the addictions. The over indulgence of sweets, wine, racing thoughts and or having something new, does not make me feel better anymore. Letting go is the moderation. Embracing life’s challenges guides me to Wholeness. Creating  Freedom...Do you hold on tight? Are you letting go of the stories? How do you honor your truth? 

Mending ones ways…Acquiring daily practices like prayer, drinking nourishing herbal infusions, and Listening to your body. I feel more free to dance, sing, skip, cry, jump and play.  What are the ways you practice letting go? Need assistance? Try one of my listening services. Join us women to celebrate the seasons. Come learn about the plants.  Find out more information here.


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