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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

The heart resides inside of us. The heart carries us throughout our days, nights and our lifetime. Beating one hundred thousand times a day, 40 million times a year. Our hearts are Extraordinary! Natural philosopher Pliny the Elder’s quote “Home is where the heart is” is profound truth. Being your home is not a physical location it’s your physical being. Your home is your body. I’ve always identified home as a physical place. A structure with walls and doors. A place to enter to relax, feel secure and is nourishing. I love home! It is my favorite place to be. I find it gratifying to care for a home. Keeping the roof from leaking, clearing the pipes of clogs & debris and making sure the foundation is solid? The constant responsibility to keep the home in good condition. It’s endless as is aging. The constant upkeep to sustain our health. 

I am woman turning 49 reflecting on her home. As I notice myself getting older I am less concerned on my outer appearance and more attracted to my inner appearance. The importance of feeling peaceful are more desired than having bigger breasts or a nicer car. Caring less about the crow’s feet around my eyes and more about my “eternal” function. Is my heart at home? Is it my favorite place to be? I am relaxed, secure & nourished in my home? Are my pipes clear of clogs of emotional debris. Is my foundation solid? Do I love my home?

Mending ones ways… Acquiring daily practices like meditation, drinking nourishing herbal infusions, and Listening. I feel more at home solid, secure, relaxed and nourished! What do you do to feel more at home? Need assistance feeling at home in your body? Try one of my listening services. Come learn about the plants.  Find out more information here.

Welcome Home...

Blessings to your home,Jodi


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