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Tick, Tock, Tick

Today, July 2nd 2020 the midway point of the calendar year.

The Eagle appears.

I listen…

“Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin. Into the Future.”

I hear the lyrics to the song, "Fly Like an Eagle” by Steve Miller Band.

  A song I've heard thousands of times. Although, this time the song sounds different.

A sign… a message to receive. Some kind of a divine intervention? 

“Let my spirit carry me.”

A Eagle represents strength, courage, and freedom. Eagles soar high seeing the overall view allowing to be expansive. They are deeply connected to the Earth and the Sky. Unafraid of the unknown being excellent acceptors to life’s challenges. 

A messenger of the Great Spirit. 

Oh, oh, there’s a solution.

Steve Miler’s inspiration to write the song “Fly like an eagle” were unfound. What I found were many peoples perceptions to the meaning of the song. In general, he speaks of freedom and revolution as times move forward. Concluding that it is one's own self-discovery and exploration of the surrounding world.

“Fly through the revolution." 

In the mist of a crisis, I am reminded from the Eagle and Steve Miller Band.

"To Fly Like an Eagle," soaring to new heights of acceptance. Not to be afraid of the unknown. To have the strength and courage to expand into life’s difficult times. Knowing spirit will carry me. By planting my feet deeply into the earth, my heart center open as I dance with the wind looking up to the sky.   

The Eagle has landed.

   Mend Ones Ways by acquiring daily practices like prayer, a connection to nature, and drinking a cup of nourishing herbal infusion.

I feel divine. 

May you fly like an Eagle!


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