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Years ago…I awakened to the sound of chainsaws.

Immediately, I sensed something was not normal. I walked outside my door to witness one of the two Cottonwood tree's across the street were being cut down. I began to weep as the gentle giant was taken, dismantled into pieces.

Not because the tree had a disease. 

Their roots were interfering with the system.


You see... the Tree's represent a guardianship, much like grandparents. The Cottonwood's care for me personally as well as the property I dwell. They are my protectors and supporters of my well being. When I feel despair, I look up to my guardians for guidance. Their stature is grandiose. A crowning canopy of a shelter in place for the birds to rest and the people to shade. The Cottonwoods have became a mediative practice. I am entertained for hours from their completeness. The tree is resilient. Their strength withstands a strong gust. They perform ecstatic dances, swaying with the winds. Their heart shaped leaves sing a soothing lullaby to ease my soul. In both the day and night it sparkles with star light.  

 The Cottonwood's presences instills a peacefulness to one's state of mind. 

If it's not broken, don't fix it. 

I grew to accept the loss. One grandparent was better than none. Her stand all grace is the medicine of need. Giving star seeds of certainty to the uncertainty. Last week, we experienced an intense loud wind storm passing through. It shook up tension and took down a section of the Cottonwood's crown canopy. A sense of urgency to prune, cut off what was no longer needed. 


As I saw her limbs scattered along the street. I heard her message. "I may be broken, but I have a purpose. Brokenness can create change." I couldn't let her brokenness be throw by the wayside. I gathered her broken limbs and carried them to my dwelling. How could I reciprocate? I started to envision ways to repurpose my elders offerings.

Straight away, it sparked an urge to whittle.  

My grandfather's passing time, I observed.

A tradition that does not need to be fixed.  


Taken by what was broken inspired hope!

So it be...I began to make a "hope stick" out of this sacred tree.

And each day I carve with will and intent symbols of hope to create conscious change for a safer, peaceful, brighter future for ALL living beings. 


Mend Ones Ways by acquiring daily practice like connecting to nature, repurposing, making a hope stick, and drinking a cup of nourishing herbal infusion.

I feel more certainty!

Love Always Heals, 



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