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For weeks, I haven’t been able to come up with the contents to December's Mend Ones Ways Blog.

The title was defined, Presence….

What is this so called living in the NOW, being Present all about?

A message we hear so often.

I get it, I’ve experienced it, living it hasn't been so easy to achieve.

Why is it so challenging?

No wonder the one's who speak or live it, were and are the Spiritual leaders, Saints and the Great teachers of our World. It’s a practice of Divinity. What is Divinity? A vibrant energy that is contagious!

Hallelujah, the time has come.  

I follow the moon cycles, it is one of my practices. Daily, I take notice of her existence. I glance up into the sky to witness her changes. I follow a We’Moon calendar to reference. Truly, have I been feeling her divine presence???

Joy to the World…

A savior at last!

Today the Moon Goddess poured me a cup of presence. I was wondering why I am experiencing an exciting burst of Joy. I am drinking her divineness. My energy has felt infectious. I am Alive! I feel enlightened... My insides are vibrating and my outsides are permeating rays of glowing energy. 

Could be so…


 Dear Moon, thank you for giving me a cup of Self-awareness. I am grateful for your ever changing courses;) void, new, waning, full and waxing. Cycling ALL your magnificence. Today from person to person whom I've met, I am experiencing their fullness by their sheer presence.

A full day of the divine JOY! 

In Celebration...

Mend Ones Ways by acquiring daily practice like in person communication of Joy, referencing to a daily We' Moon calendar for spiritual wisdom and drinking a cup of nourishing herbal infusion. I feel more connected to the Divine. 


We'Moon Calendar~ https://wemoon.ws

Susun Weed~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj9pO1PNHuI

JOY to you, your love ones, the ones who came before and the ones to come...

Gratitude to your Presence! 


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