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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

They say it’s “the greatest show on earth” To watch a butterfly emerge to flight.

 I’m celebrating every moment of “the change”of life, 

Menopause or Metamorphosis.

The climacteric event is my first rite of passage. As a young girl, I was not celebrated when my first blood arrived. My blood was not honored is was ignored. I don’t even remember experiencing puberty as a teenager. 


For over 35 years, every month I’ve bled. It’s been the most consistent event in my life and now it’s becoming the most inconsistent event in my life. I’ve gone 3 months without bleeding then 6 months then back to bleeding every month and so on. 

My life is unpredictable…

When I don’t have my period, I miss my blood! Clinging to the one event I thought I would like to end. Realizing how much I enjoyed the predictability of being a woman. A monthly reminder of a life giver & saver. 

 My preference is to mimic natures cycles with my own life cycles. Butterflies have four cycles; egg, larvae, pupa and adult. I feel I'm in the third stage of metamorphosis, the pupa stage. The vulnerable stage of the caterpillar that is the most dangerous to prey. A time to protect the cocoon for “the change.” Spinning a chrysalis of do not disturb. Constricted with headaches of discomfort. Heart explosions of uncontrolledness. Pressured by the lack of spaciousness. Resisting the grayness, while desiring aloneness. Staying Alive on survival instinct, woven with self compassion. 

A pause of patience…

I’m embracing every moment of this “greatest show on earth.” Restless nights have inspired stargazing. The rising of the fiery “Hot Flashes” are bursts of passion to create. My inner flame is continuous. I am more creative than ever. My sensuality is more confident. I look older and feel more beautiful. I am kinder to myself. I have less difficulties saying, "No." ​​​​​​I know what I want. 

I’m enjoying life more and more.

As I prepare to emerge...


I rely on faith. Living in a place of unpredictability. For I do not know when I’ll shed my last drop of blood and stop?!?

To spread my wings and fly.

Mending ones ways…Acquiring daily practices like drinking nourishing herbal infusions, stargazing at night, having an herbal ally like Motherwort, Mullein blossom or Hawthorn tincture’s. Referencing to books, favorite's listed below. I feel the support for “the change.” Are you celebrating your life change? Or are you ignoring the change? Are clinging or resisting change? Need assistance? Invest in an Herbal Reading. Check out my store for herbal products. Celebrate the seasons at a Woman’s gathering by sharing stories to empower and support other women in their journeys.

May Day Women's Gathering


Susun Weed "Nourishing Herbal Infusion" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ez9SIpppNWE

"New Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way" by: Susun Weed 

"The Gift of Healing Herbs" by: Robin Rose Bennett 

"The Uterine Health Companion" by: Eve Agee, PhD 

"365 Starry Nights" by: Chet Raymo

Insects & spiders Handbook , an explore your world~handbook/ Discovery books 


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