Mend Ones Ways to Harmony

I am listening to a new tune.

 Throughout my life, I've collected albums. I call these albums my monkey mind of records. Most of them are classics. I’ve played these records over and over that they have scratches and are out of tune. 

Oldies but goodies…

Some of my greatest hits are titled victim, shame and fear. When I play these songs there is a dance that follows. Usually, accompanied by a partner. We give permission to dance. The routine is the same and oh so familiar. A superficial melody that does not harmonize my existence.

Each album represents a relationship. A shared experience with a loved one. A beat, I agreed too. These songs were written to challenge my repertoire.

I’m composing new records to attune too. Practicing my melodies. Often, I am interrupted with my greatest hits. I listen softly without reacting to my thoughts, use my words precisely.   

Then, I change the dial to my new playlist.

And Dance. 

My new albums are more soulful!

The notes have a depth of measure. The strum is upbeat yet soothing. With a sharp clear tone of compassion. The lyrics are mindful. It’s a song I want to get up and dance to. Now, the dance with my relationships have a different potency of movement. A flowing rhythm. A symphony of pleasure!

A harmonious existence….

Mending ones ways…Acquiring daily practices like not taking things personally, being aware of my language & drinking nourishing herbal infusions, I feel more harmony. Do you have monkey mind records you play? Do you have harmony in your life? Need assistance? Book one of my listening services or a Herbal Reading. Celebrate the seasons at woman’s gathering.

Heal with herbal medicine. 

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