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Winter has arrived earlier for us in Colorado. The snow is abundant. Layers & layers of snowflakes piling up fast. Some of trees didn't have a chance to fully release their colors or leaves. Still holding onto their branches.

The last Harvest, Autumn is passing as a new season is beginning. 

Mother Nature!

 October snowstorms blew in an urgent Self of awareness...

My leaves too, have been holding onto my branches not able to release my past seasons. Curious, will the trees be effected by this change?  How am I effecting change? 


For awhile, I kept saying  "I'm going to clean up the basement." I put it off for years. I didn't want to do the work it would take physical or emotionally to unveil the storage of my past. I refer to the basement as the dungeon of my emotional treasures. The treasures, I hold covenant to my heart. Some might call it clutter, 50 years of STUFF!

Everything has a cause and effect....  

This Summer, I began revealing my stuff, 20 boxes or more...

I took my time. It was a draining liberating process. I laughed, I cried. The boxes contained; my first baby blanket my Dad gave me, childhood games, dance costumes, field day ribbons, notes from my junior high girlfriends that we passed during class, report cards, letters from my family and the diaries I wrote. I filled months of recycling bins. I've taken many trips to the GoodWill and sometimes returning back with my game of barrel of monkeys...  

Holding on, Steadfast!

How it deeply saddens me to let go of the baby blanket my Dad gave me that sits in a box in the basement. A dungeon to my psyche. The pain of letting go, to release my past. It's unbearable to swallow as my eyes suddenly well up. 


By not accepting death, I weaken not only myself but the the ones I love.

The emotional memories of my past has piled up in boxes blocking my path. 


I'm not speaking of a physical death but a metaphoric death of letting go of the resentment, anger, sadness and the glory. The old stories that live in my boxes. I took my last trip to the GoodWill and the barrel of monkeys are gone. The mark of Summer has ended as I move through the fruits of my labor. My basement is cleared and feels more spacious. Autumn has ended.

Winter is here... 


Today, November 1st, 2019 a Holy Day, the Samhain. I performed a funeral service in Celebration of my life. I buried my most precious treasures to honor death. 

Releasing my past!

Moving Myself forth to create new Seasons to come...

New Life.

Seasonal Blessings to You, Your family, the ones that came before and the future generations!!!

Mending ones ways…Acquiring daily practices like ritual, honoring earth Seasons of the year and drinking Nourishing herbal infusions. 

I feel grounded!


A time of the year to correspond to the natural cycles of the earth and seasons and Samhain was considered among the most important of these observances. Samhain marks the beginning of the cycle of the year, a kind of New Year’s Day.

Samhain (pronounced 'sou-when', or 'so-ween') simply means "summer's end" and marks the end of the season of light and the beginning of the season of darkness. In this context, however, 'darkness' should not be equated with evil or sadness but understood as simply a part of the human condition: there must be regenerative darkness for there to be light.



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