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Sweet, sweet Periwinkle, Vinca Minor. I've been anticipating her arrival...

First bloom was April fools day. And every day since, Periwinkle blooms. Even through a few spring snow falls, she blooms. I'm amazed by her constant strength of resilience.

Unchanging in nature....

The days are longer, warmer and drier. Periwinkle, Vinca minor is a evergreen ground cover. Offering a blanket of shady goodness to the earth. Her vine grows where she is needed. Periwinkle stays low to the ground. She is grounded. Along her vine are shiny green leaves shaped like elf ears sprinkled with delicate periwinkle colored flowers. Her tiny petals of periwinkle make a perfect backdrop to spot light her white star center. 

She's a loving cover of sweetness.   

Vinca minor comes from the Latin word "vincire" meaning to "to bind," to tightly fasten. A periwinkle flower is a symbol of purity and strength of the Virgin Mary. Periwinkle is associated with protection, death, memories, and relationships. It thrives in grave yards covering grave plots as protection. Periwinkle is planted over children's gravesite ensuring a blanket of security for the child to rest. The leaves have been stuffed into mattress to invoke fidelity, passion, love and overall happiness. Periwinkle grown around the home encourages growth for the family.

Periwinkle is my best friend for April, a guardian angel. 

A security blanket I've needed this month. It's miraculous how nature is present. I am so grateful for Periwinkle's presence. She's wrapped me up in her blanket of protection. Periwinkle is bandaging the wounds to strengthen them. Sensing my wants for homeland security. Supporting my childhood insecurities. I eat one flower a day, one petal at a time to practice my resilience. 

"To bind," secure & fasten my strength. 

Thank you Periwinkle...

You are a blessed prescription of plant spirit medicine. 

A true Ally!

Seeds of wisdom from Stephen Harrod Buhner


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