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Life is returning!

I planted white crocus in November forecasting spring blooms. 

Steadily the crocus is awakening from winters rest. The crocus bulb arises with the light. Longer days and warmer temperatures soften Mother Earth's protectiveness. Empowering a passage to blossom. Forcing out one green limb at time. Each day growing an eighth of inch. I’m counting the days for the grand opening. Twenty one days of growth and crocus is shy to bloom. 

Patiently waiting…

Surprisingly, a crocus blooms!

Magically, one purple crocus appears. It’s beauty allures you into a trance of liveliness. Impressively potent.

The purple color of the crocus is rich with royalty. It’s awestricken center radiants gold. Pollinators are enchanted by the sweetness of these golden threads to cultivate. The scent is mindfully fresh. The six purple petals gracefully open up to the light and close to the dark. These blooms of grace colonize fast yet disappear in dash.



Hurry and get a glance of crocuses magic before it disappears. Crocus is short lived. Yet, rest assure of it’s yearly return. A seasonal messenger of spring newness. 

A flower of Youthfulness!

Spending only a few days with Crocus was not enough time.

Curious…..I inquired to know more. 

Crocus in Latin means Saffron. Each flower has only three threads of saffron. Which is found on the tip of the stigma. The sexual parts of the flower. Saffron is the most expensive spice for thousands of years. Saffron has many healing properties. A tonic that aids digestion, menstrual support, melancholy and helps focus the mind to bring clarity to our visions. The Egyptians made saffron love sachets and oils to enhance sexual pleasure. Flaming sexuality to ignite the fire within. Sumerians used saffron to make magic potions. Saffron connects us to the moon cycle, women’s cycles. The Phoenicians baked saffron cakes in crescent moon shapes as a gift to the moon. Saffron attracts love & beauty. Symbolizing eternal love derived from the legend of Crocus and Smilax. 

Crocus is an expression of high spirits. 

enJOY the pleasures of Life! 


Seeds of wisdom from Rosemary Gladstar


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