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Wild pansy, Heart's ease, Jonny jump up, and Come and cuddle me are a few names known of this tri-color flower. 

I call her, Heart's ease.

She blooms most of the year in a place of four seasons. I planted her for that reason. Heart's ease, lives in my herbal container garden. Every year she spreads her seeds of sheerness. I admire, Heart's ease wild spirit to jump from container to container. Her steadfast blindness to share joyfulness with others.


If I am blue, distressed or angry a simple glance of her brilliance, turns my wheeling thoughts towards happiness. Yes, it is true she eases the heart. Heart's ease sheer presence sends away the furies with cuddles of loving kindness. 

Heart's ease colors of purple, gold and white are a trinity sight of delight. Sensing the colors are a symbol of her royalty. Her face is mythical and her smile is contagious. Her communication is admirable and her taste eases the heart. 

Simply graceful!

Our hearts exchange blissful moments of acknowledgment. An admiration from one to another. A reciprocity of wholeness, only LOVE can couple. Bridging an  easement of a communion to Acceptance and Peace. 

Love Always Heals...


Seeds of wisdom from Gloria Lynn Henry


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