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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Plantain is blooming...Also known as 

broadleaf, plantago major or Greater plantain. To see plantain blooming you need to have great vision or be down low on the ground. The flowers are tiny. Even under a magnifying glass I can barely see the petals. The petals grow on a spike which are attached by white whiskers. The spike is one to two inches long and is as thick as a Q-tip. The delicate petals are not long lasting they quickly become seeds which then become even bigger seeds…

  I met plantain in 2011, when I began studying herbalism. Through books and teachers I've learned about plantain intellectually and it became one of my favorite plants. For reasons being it survived three Ice ages, it grows all over the world and it’s nature’s band aid. While study plantain I recognized it growing throughout the grass in our yard. I didn’t plant it. It arrived on it’s own. Most likely plantain arrived long before we purchased the home over 15 years ago.

Plantain and I have had a relationship for awhile on a external level. Using it’s medicine to make healing salves or sprays for stings or cuts. Now plantain and I are having a different relationship, it's internal. I’ve been ingesting plantain leaves daily for the past month. Collecting information… Plantain’s message is family. I’m rekindling a relationship with my grandparents. My grandparents were a solid support for me growing up. Plantain feels grounding! The leaves are practically on the ground. Telling me this plant is deeply connected to the earth. 

My grandparents had an open door policy as plantain does too. It’s right outside my door. When I eat plantain I feel nourished with a slight bitter finish. Our family was severed from my grandparents passing. Which may be the reason for the bitterness. Many years later they are here, right outside my door to offer me a bloom of a message. Perhaps to mend our family relationships.Turning the bitter taste into sweetness. A band aid for resilience. 

 Both plantain and my grandparents are ancient, providing me nourishment while offering a deeper inner connection to myself, family and spirit. 

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