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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Lemon Balm, Melissa Officinalis, Bee Balm

The “Bloom of the Month” blog has been an invitation to deepen my practice of herbalism. My experience with herbal medicine has been studying with teachers, reading books and by using the plants directly through making medicine for my own personal use. Being my own guinea pig or health pracititoner.

Plant spirit medicine is quite different than receiving information through others knowledge. You have to be open and receptive to the plant spirit. Be an excellent listener. There are many flowers blooming in my yard. Instead of me picking which one to write about I’m asking the plants to choose me. Lemon Balm’s white blossoms illuminated me when I took her photo. Confirming she indeed was the bloom of the month. My experience with lemon balm is mostly gathered by information I already know. I could share with you that she gladdens the heart, she calms the mind and she soothes your worries. However, my desires are for lemon balm to teach me something new. So far, I haven’t collect to much information. My mind muscle memory is getting in the way of spirit of the plant.

 Each day as I visit her I utilize my senses. I lie next to her as we hold hands. I pick a leaf, I smell her and then taste her. I glare into her eyes and I listen.

I ask Lemon Balm, “what do you want me to share???"

Waiting to receive a message...

BEE PATIENT; bearing pain without complaint

BEE CONSISTENT; being steady

BEE PRESENT; existing Now!

Come learn about the plants….


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