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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

She began to Bloom in June…

Now, at the end of October she has opened her last bloom for the season. Mullein, Velvet plant, Our lady’s flannel or Witches Taper. 

Six years ago, I planted Mullein in my yard. I bought three small starters and planted them where I wanted them to grow. The three did not thrive in the location I had chosen for them. She seeded herself and relocated to where she could thrive better. Since then she has multiplied up to seven Mullein plants. 

A seed of a Mullein plant can stay dormant for 100 years…  

Mullein represents the Mother to me. She is the giver of Life. Her heart is forgiving. She extends her hands out towards me offering her love and emotional support. She stands up tall with dignity. Reaching heights up to six or seven feet tall. Blooming under any circumstances. One hundred degrees or down to freezing.

She Blooms!

There are hundreds of the delicate flowers along one large stalk one by one right next to each other. All unfolding at different times for continuous blooms. She gives and gives and needs so little. Mullein can thrive in a sidewalk crack and is drought tolerate. She's known as the lungs of the earth.

Breath of Life...

The sight of her buttery yellow blossoms brightens up my day. Singing me a sweet lullaby. Her velvety soft leaves warms my heart like a mothers touch. She tends to my lungs where my sorrow lives. Clearing my passage ways to breathe easier. To dive deeper into life’s mysteries and receive her openhandedness. Listening to her blooming wise wisdom. She teaches me, not to give up to whatever life gifts you. I’m grateful for Mullein’s support from season to season for she is assisting me through a transition. Her flowery medicine is a calming sedative to a hearing of life’s acceptance.

Opening up! 

Come celebrate the seasons…


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