Bloom of the Month |November| Auspicious

Stellaria Media, Chickweed

 Comes to me at auspicious times…

 The 15 Years I lived here, I seen Stellaria twice. Once in the Springtime and now in early winter. The changing of the seasons. Her timing is impeccable. Both of these times I have been in a transitional phase of my life. She arrives in the same location in one of my culinary herb pots. Her companion in the container is Sage. She enjoys the moisture of the wet sunny snows. Allow her to survive in cooler temperatures.

She known to cool you down…

Her buds are lined with white eyelashes and are shaped like tear drops. The blooms flutter open as opal starry eyes. Her tiny petals are extraordinary delicate. The leaves are shaped like tiny hearts.Her taste arouses my senses, sending a fresh sensuous breeze down into my womb. 

A swirling known of existence...  

 I welcome her guidance and am so grateful for her divineness. Stellaria sent me on a road trip to travel through the peaks and valleys in search of my life’s purpose. Weathering all the elements sunshine, wind, rain, snow and ice. Awaking my sexual appetite for an intimate taste of myself. Stellaria's auspicious magic is kindling my fire to my own desires...

She is a star of delight.

A Celebration!!! 

Honoring the transitions from Maiden, Mother & Sage. 

Rejoicing, I am woman! 

Come celebrate the seasons…


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