Bloom of the Month |December| Joyous Celebration

Her sunshine arises in the dark days of Winter. 

Dandelion, Taraxacum Officinale comes shinning through even during the harsh

temperatures of the winter months. It's December here in Colorado and a few dandelions are blooming in my yard. No need to plant Dandelion, she simply appears. Spreading her goodness of free medicine. Every part of the Dandelion is valuable. A wholeness of wonder. 

A pollinator of healing gifts... 

Her golden blooms are the rising sun, being a bringer of Light. Dandelion blossoms gives me a sense of brightness. Her bitter greens indulges a broader appetite for life. Dandelion strengthens my gut instinct to always create. She comforts my digestion and relieves my aches and pains. She aerates through my emotions with her soothing sweetness. Providing a magnificence of spaciousness. 

Dandelion is self sufficient and needs no care. Even if you don't want her near, she will exist. Wildly independent. Call her tenacious.

She is ancient and lionhearted.  

Deeply rooted in the Earth....

 Blowing dandelion seeds in the wind. A child's first wish.

To dream the impossible and make it happen.

The time is NOW!!!

Joyous New Years to ALL

Dandelion Blossom Infused Oil


Seeds of wisdom from Kimberly, John and Gallagher Family. 

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