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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Queens Anne’s Lace arrived in our yard a few years ago… She is a flower that is named after Queen Anne of England. Her Majesty, came unexpectedly to our home. Her Queendom takes charge and her abundance spreads fast. As I observe her growth from season to season, I recognize that she mimics the growth of a woman.

In the Springtime she emerges from her darkness of the winter. Bursting up and out from the rich soil of the Earth. Beginning her process to reach up towards the light. Extending herself higher and higher until she buds. The buds become blossoms at the heat of summer. The flowers are magnificent! Perfectly arranged white petals of lace giving her name, Queen Anne’s lace. At the center of the flower there is one petal that is a deep reddish purple representing the blood. The story goes that Queen Anne pricked her finger while making the lace and a single drop of her blood landed in the center. 

As Autumn is approaching, her petals are turning into tiny green seeds that are transforming into a basket. As she begins to nest. The nest starts collecting her seeds preparing for the months to come. Towards the end of Autumn the seeds will fall onto the ground and into the earth. Winter will come, where she will remain in the stillness of the darkness as she gestate and dreams. Preparing for the Spring to awaken, once again. 

She is an ever-evolving, spiral of beauty…

I honor the seasons by celebrating the Wheel of the year holidays. By honoring the seasons, I honor being a woman. Together as women we can extend inward & outwardly spreading our seeds of wisdom. 

When we honor each other in the presence of each other, hand to hand, eye to eye, heart to heart. We witness the magnificent beauty of each other, weaving our lace together wheeling us as one.

Come celebrate the seasons…


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