Full Moon Silent Walk 

A stone bridge with a waterfall on the b


When: Every Full Moon in 2021

Where: Washington Park Denver, CO


Enjoy the many health benefits of silent walking.

Lead the way to more peace, calmness and a unworried life. The ability to silence ourselves both physically and mentally relieves stress. Come connect to nature under the Light of the silvery Moon. Breathe in the fresh air as you diminish stressful thoughts tied to times other than the present time.  

January 28, 8:28pm

February 27, 8:28pm

March 28, 8:28pm 

April 26, 9:28pm 

May 26, 9:28pm 

June 24,10:28pm

July 23,10:28pm

August 22, 9:28pm

September 20, 9:28pm

October 20, 8:28pm

November 19,  8:28pm 

December 18, 8:28pm

In Celebration,